McGregor Hessian Combo

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Edinburgh     code: mg     weight: 3Kg

Product Overview

The Macgregor is simple one of my favourite rugs simply because it does nearly everything
• Coat polishing – the action of the weave against the coat removes dead hair and polishes and yes the shoulders are satin lined to eliminate rub on this important area
• Truly breathable – the open weave does really allow heat and moisture to escape
• A natural product –the main material in this rug is made from skin of the jute plant or sisal fibres
• Flysheet – the weave and hairy nature of the thread forms a barrier that the flies can not penetrate
• Under rug – when combined with a top rug the weave of the Macgregor ‘catches ‘ the warm air from the horse. This helps to maintain warmth and eliminate heat loss.
• Dries quickly
• Cool down rug because it breaths
• Travel – superb breathability while keeping air chill away
• Versatile – this rug will save you money by eliminating the need for different rugs!
The MacGregor is available in a combo that has a removable neck making this combination very versatile.
Super as an insect sheet the Macgregor is breathable, chemical free and a must for this summer.
The MacGregor has all the good properties of a mesh rug but none of the bad
Removable neck
• Breathable
• Removable Leg Straps
• Cross Over Surcingles
• Two Front Buckles Tail flap
• Sizes 4’0 to 7’3
o Warmth rating LOW